North End Prowler: Public Safety Alert – BPD Update

Back in September of 2010, we reported on a stranger entering North End women’s homes in the early morning hours, through unlocked doors. We have been notified by Neighborhood Watch representatives and the Boise Police Department that this individual is active once again. Boise Police has a dedicated patrol unit in the search for the man, and has issued the following announcement:

Public Safety Alert – Officers believe sexual assault is prowler’s motive

Boise Police are urging citizens to be extra vigilant and to immediately report any suspicious activity after a series of crimes under investigation are possibly connected.

Boise, June 1, 2011 – Boise Police are investigating six separate incidents as possibly connected; most involve a strange man entering homes and approaching women as they slept. Victims report they wake up to find the man touching them. Officers believe sexual assault is the suspect’s motivation for entering the homes.

Facts about the cases:

  • It appears the man enters through unlocked doors.
  • Reported incidents all occurred between 1:30 a.m. and 6:30 a.m.
  • Four cases were reported between late-August and mid-September, 2010
  • One case was in mid-December, 2010. The most recent case was reported in mid-May, 2011.
  • Five cases have come from Boise’s North End, between N. 19th and N. 6th Streets, State Street and N. Hill Rd and Heron Street. One case, in mid-December, was reported at a home northwest of W. Boise Ave and Broadway Ave.
  • As soon as victims become aware of what the man is doing, he flees.

Suspect description: light skinned male in his 20’s or early 30’s, approx 6 feet tall, stocky build with a soft, flabby stomach. He’s described as having a “baby face”, with wavy lighter colored hair in a shorter style cut (not a buzz cut).

Victims may be targeted: Detectives believe the suspect is unknown to the victims. However, the suspect may be targeting the homes, watching the homes and the victims prior to making entry.

Safety Precautions, call 911 immediately: Officers urge citizens to take the following precautions and call 911 immediately regardless of the time of day or night if they suspect suspicious activity.

  • Lock all outside entry doors and secure windows. Close garage doors, turn on outside porch lights and leave them on while dark.
    Keep blinds and curtains closed at night to prevent outside observation of activity occurring inside the home.
  • Be watchful of someone walking, biking or driving who may possibly be casing potential victims.
  • If you get up or are up late at night or early in the morning, take a look outside. If you see something or someone that appears out of place or suspicious, call 911 immediately.
  • Communicate with your neighbors and watch out for each other.

Investigation: Boise Police hope to solve these cases and prevent further similar crimes from occurring. The investigation into these reports involves numerous detectives, patrol officers and units throughout the Boise Police Department.

This release includes the latest, most accurate information available from Boise Police on these investigations.