Streets Committee

If every North Ender
kept the posted speed limits,
eliminated unnecessary trips,
and yielded to pedestrians…

Join Us in Working for Safer North End Streets!

The NENA Streets Committee is dozens of neighbors from all around the neighborhood, working together to make our streets safer. Here are our key goals and initiatives:

VISION ZERO: NENA aspires to no serious injuries or death from crashes.

PLEDGE: NEIGHBORHOOD DRIVER INITIATIVE (formerly Neighborhood Pace Car Program) – Street safety begins with us. Take the pledge to treat other neighborhood streets like our own. Drive like your kids play here.

SPEED: Active ACHD Policy Requests include (1) a 20mph speed limit on all residential streets, (2) re-engineering of streets slow traffic to 20mph, and (3) the budget required to implement these changes.

VOLUME: Working toward re-directing through-traffic to State St. not through established residential neighborhoods.

How to Get Involved?

Join the email group to get alerts about commenting on ACHD policy, attending ACHD meetings.

Anyone can send suggestions, comments and questions directly to ACHD regarding speed, traffic, engineering plans, project funding and other streets and safety issues.

Join periodic efforts to measure bike and pedestrian traffic and help monitor speeds (be on the other end of the radar gun for a change!).

Help with printing and distribution of yard signs encouraging safe neighborhood driving.

Call companies directly when you see delivery, construction trucks or other commercial vehicles speeding through the neighborhood. This has been well received so far and can have a real impact, as many of these vehicles make recurring stops here.

Contact NENA Street Captains

The following streets have Street Captains, active neighbors dedicated to safer streets. If you live on or near one of those streets and would like to help make our streets safer, email the captains group at

  • North 28th Street / Ellis Avenue – Laura Bainbridge
  • Harrison Boulevard – Susan and Steve Marzolf (Harrison at Irene St.)
  • North 15th Street – Suzanne Troje (between Eastman and Brumback)
  • North 13th Street – Tricia Kennedy and Kelly Olson (between Ada and Sherman)
  • North 9th Street – Cynthia Gibson (between Lemp and Ridenbaugh)
  • North 8th Street – Amy Holmes (between Ada and Sherman)
  • Fort Street –

If your street is not listed and you would like to become a Street Captain, contact Anne Hausrath at

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