North End Neighborhood Watch: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

NENA is committed to fostering a vibrant Neighborhood Watch program — not just to fight crime, but to create a strong social connection within our neighborhoods. Sign up today to become a Watch Member, and you will be connected with nearby neighbors. We’re all in this together!   

What is a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Watch Group?

• Neighbors working together to create a community of caring people.
• Extra eyes and ears for recognizing issues that need addressing in your neighborhood community.
• Partnership between neighborhoods and the community of service providers and police.

Why Neighborhood Watch?

It works! Neighborhoods with an active watch community report an increase in the quality of life for their families. Particularly the elderly and those living alone. Members feel safer and less anxious about their surroundings.


To build a sense of community through the development of active smaller groups within a neighborhood.


• Encourage neighbors to become better acquainted and work together to create a safe environment.
• Train citizens to recognize a neighbor in need and where to refer for appropriate help.
• Open communication between neighborhoods and the services provided within the city of Boise.

How Does a Neighbors Helping Neighbors Group Start?

A motivated individual, a few concerned residents, or a community organization can spearhead the efforts to establish a group. They can contact the North End Neighborhood Association liaison and/or the Boise Police Neighborhood Watch Coordinator for an informational booklet and to schedule the initial meeting with the neighbors.

The initial meeting will establish the purpose of the program, begin to identify issues that need to be addressed, train members in home security and reporting skills, and provide information on social agencies in the community and crime in that area.

Who Can Be Involved?

Any resident can be involved, whether young or old, single or married, renter or homeowner. Even the busiest people can belong to Neighborhood Group and… keep an eye out for neighbors.

Key Elements of the Neighborhood Watch

• Neighborhood get-togethers: Have at least one meeting or block party a year.
• Communication system: Phone tree, email list or social media group (ex: Facebook, Nextdoor) are excellent forms of communicating with neighbors. Neighbors can quickly be alerted to issues in their area.
• Organization: Select the area captain and block captains (if needed). The area captain provides leadership for the group and acts as a contact person between the neighborhood and the appropriate service provider and/or with Neighborhood Watch Coordinator and police.
• North End Neighborhood Association provides financial support for activities.

Responsibilities of a Member

• Know your neighbors. Watch out for each other, work together and communicate with your neighbors.
• Be informed and aware of activity in your neighborhood and anyone that may need help.
• Incorporate prevention strategies by lighting up your residence, locking your home and vehicles, and closing your blinds/drapes in the evening.
• Offer help to a neighbor that may need social services.
• Report criminal and suspicious activity, and victimizations to the police department, and then to your Watch Area Captain.

Contact Us & Get Involved!

North End Neighborhood Association

Boise Police Department
Crime Prevention Unit
(208) 570-6070

For Emergency: Always Call 911
For Non-Emergencies: Call (208) 377-6790
(to report suspicious activity, report an abandoned
vehicle or to contact a police officer)
TTY Relay: (800) 377-3529