Neighborhood Watch

NENA is committed to fostering a vibrant Neighborhood Watch program — not just to fight crime, but to create a strong social connection within our neighborhoods. Sign up today to become a Watch Member, and you will be connected with nearby neighbors. We’re all in this together! 

Email to learn more about NENA’s  support for Neighborhood Watch and additional resources available. 


What Is Neighborhood Watch?

Neighborhood Watch is one of the most effective ways to build a safe and healthy neighborhood. Through the Neighborhood Watch program you will learn:

  • How neighbors working together can reduce and prevent crime
  • How to be extra eyes and ears for reporting suspicious and criminal activity
  • How to partner between neighborhoods and law enforcement
Policeman giving little girl high five

Key Elements of the Neighborhood Watch

  • Neighborhood get-togethers: Have at least one meeting or block party a year.
  • Communication system: Phone tree, email list or social media group (ex: Facebook, Nextdoor) are excellent forms of communicating with neighbors. Neighbors can quickly be alerted to crimes in their area.
  • Organization: Select the chairman and block captains (if needed). The chairman provides leadership for the Watch group and acts as a contact person between the neighborhood and the Crime Prevention Unit.
  • Distribution of crime prevention literature and newsletters.

Responsibilities as a Watch Member

  • Know your neighbors. Watch out for each other, work together and communicate with your neighbors.
  • Be informed and aware of area crime activity.
  • Incorporate crime prevention strategies by lighting up your residence, locking your home and vehicles, and closing your blinds/drapes in the evening.
  • Note license plate numbers and description of suspicious vehicles and persons.
  • Report criminal and suspicious activity, and victimization to the police department, and then to your Watch chairman.

Learn more about NENA’s  support for Neighborhood Watch, and additional resources available: