Requests for Information

To learn more about NENA, its activities and history, look all around this website, especially the newsletters archive.

For more specific document needs, according to NENA’s bylaws, NENA’s members shall have the right to inspect and copy the Corporate records only to the extent mandated, and in the manner prescribed, by Idaho Code §30-3-131:

(a) The member’s demand is made in good faith and for a proper purpose reasonably related to the member’s interest as a member of the corporation;
(b) The member describes with reasonable particularity the purpose and the records the member desires to inspect;
(c) The records are directly connected with this purpose; and
(d) The board of directors shall determine whether a member’s request is for a proper purpose.

Please use the form below to request information, including the minutes from past NENA meetings. Requests will be handled on a best efforts basis – we’re all part-time volunteers!

The minutes from the most recent meeting will be not available until they are reviewed and approved by the board, which usually happens at the following monthly meeting.

Use of any information provided is limited to the purpose stated in your request.

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