Elm Grove Park: Winning Stories

To celebrate our first 100 years in Elm Grove Park, we invited your stories. We chose three authors to receive a print (bottom of page) from neighborhood artist Wendy Blickenstaff.

Letter to Elm Grove Park

By Alex Tyree, 4th Grade

Hi I have lived here my whole life and so far it’s been super fun. I’ve made so many friends from the park. I’ve been at the park so much we started calling it our park. During covid we started having a pod so for recess we play a game called berry war. Well that’s all i have to say so have a great rest of your day!

Elm Grove Elegy
By Carolyn Waggoner

Relaxing under shady giants to escape summer's scorch
Strolling proudly with newborn sons
Celebrating milestone birthdays
Hunting for hidden Easter eggs
Collecting acorns and horse chestnuts and colorful leaves
Chasing elusive butterflies and runaway dogs
Playing Frisbee and soccer 'til little legs crumple
Picnicking with playful uncles and wandering toddlers
Exercising energetic puppies; then geriatric amblers
Swinging giggling grandkids
Meeting old friends and new
Contemplating life's joys – and griefs too
Remembering 45 years fondly

Pivot Movement

by Ali Landers

Elm Grove means joy, a respite from chaos and a sanctuary to carry on. I run a small business providing adaptive & inclusive dance and yoga. When COVID hit it was devastating for my business and for my students.

We lost over half of our participants when I decided to move classes to Elm Grove after the challenges of Zoom. Many of my students have compromised health, so going outside to class was not an option, and sadly, Zoom is not an ideal accessible way to engage with my students. It has been a hurdle that we are still not over yet. And, in spite of all the hardships and transitions, Elm Grove was a wonderful place for us to meet safely, with plenty of room to spread our wings and dance.

Elm Grove has a tender place in all my students’ hearts. It gave them a way to have class outside all summer and see their beloved friends and interact in person. To enjoy company and get back to their love of yoga and dance.  Elm Grove was a lifesaver and that is why Elm Grove means so much to me and my students. We love Elm Grove Park!

NENA Board Election – Now Certified and Still Challenged

Following October’s Annual Meeting and board elections, a number of formal inquiries have been presented to the NENA board, by NENA members, regarding the election process and legitimacy of the results – including a petition signed/submitted by 180+ members (update: now 258 members) which was presented at the November meeting. October Zoom Video | November Zoom Video

The issues raised by these inquiries are being investigated. Election results have not been certified and a new board has not yet been formally established. The current board must ratify (or not) the results of the election and the current board remains in place until a new board is selected and ratified.

This process was unanimously approved before the election because the bylaws are silent on how to conduct the election. Ratification must now also include consideration of the issues raised by NENA membership about the legitimacy of the election process.

UPDATE to what was announced at the November meeting: Tom Banducci (Boise attorney and mediator) has volunteered to facilitate a discussion between board election candidates and other interested parties (including association members supportive of the recent petition), with the aim of exploring possible solutions. To that end, Mr. Banducci plans to meet with stakeholders and other interested parties, in advance of the December 13th meeting, in a non-binding confidential mediation process.

UPDATE: Days before the scheduled special meeting, threats of legal action have necessitated the withdrawal of our volunteer mediator and scuttled, at least for now, the chance for a mediated solution. The board is still working to restart the mediation process, which would now require finding a new mediator. We may or may not have a meeting agenda posted in advance of this meeting.

UPDATE: The petitioners have been heard, the election results certified, but a new petition from members has been presented. At the special meeting on December 13th (interrupted by Zoom capacity issue that limited attendance) and then its continuation on January 10th, the original petitioning group brought concerns and questions for sitting board members and recent board candidates. Board members and one candidate addressed all questions put to them. The election results from October were certified as required by Idaho state law, with protests noted. Three board members announced their resignations during the session. December Zoom Video | January Zoom Video

A new petition from members was announced at the end of the meeting. The special meeting to address that petition will be coupled with the next regular monthly meeting, on the evening of Tuesday, January 26th has now been postponed. Updates will be posted here, as they become available. Here is the full text of that petition:

Demand for Special Membership Meeting of the North End Neighborhood Association

In the event that the North End Neighborhood (NENA) board certifies the October 27, 2020, board election, we, the undersigned, as member of the NENA, pursuant to Idaho Nonprofit code 30-30-608*, are demanding a NENA special member meeting for the purpose of removing the following board members: Tory Spengler, Sarah Foregger, Carlos Coto, Daniel Foregger, and Sitka Koloski.

*30-30-608. Removal of directors by members or directors. (1) The members may remove one (1) or more directors elected by them without cause.

Please join us – Tuesday, January 26th, at 7-9pm – for the regular monthly board meeting and the special meeting called for in the new petition.

Join Zoom Meeting

(Link and other info will be posted 15 mins before the meeting start time.)

Meeting ID: TBA
One tap mobile numbers: TBA

Original petition signed/submitted by 180+ members (update: now 258 members)

If you missed any of these meetings, you can catch up here:
October Zoom Video | November Zoom Video | December Zoom Video | January Zoom Video

City of Trees Challenge Announced


The City of Boise and Treasure Valley Canopy Network are taking additional steps this fall to increase Boise’s tree canopy and encourage residents to take action to improve our environment and combat the negative impacts of climate change. For a limited time, residents can sign up to receive a free tree to plant at their home or private business within city limits. This tree giveaway is being coordinated with the Boise Farmers Market during the month of October. In all, 500 trees spanning 15 different species will be available for pick up and planting in Boise throughout the month of October (limit one tree per household).

This planting opportunity is part of the larger City of Trees Challenge, with the goal of planting 100,000 trees in Boise over the next decade. Fall is the ideal time to add a tree to your front or back yard because cooler temperatures allow the tree to establish roots before spring rain and summer heat stimulates new growth.

“Planting a tree is a lifelong commitment, but watching it grow is gratifying and the long-term benefits are remarkable for homeowners and our city as a whole,” said Boise City Council President Elaine Clegg. “These trees will provide shade and comfort and support clean air and energy conservation for generations to come.”