The NENA Aid Program: Get or Give COVID-Crisis Support

Christmas Appeal Raises $5,370, to be doubled by NENA matching

North End neighbors donated a total of $5,370 to support COVID-crisis community needs in NENA's first-ever Christmas Appeal.

NENA will match every dollar contributed to the NENA Aid Program during the Christmas Appeal, by individuals and businesses, up to $10,000. Your $50, for instance, becomes $100 of community support. On January 8th, NENA will distribute equal shares to the following organizations doing essential community support work:

  • Interfaith Sanctuary
  • Faces of Hope
  • City Light
  • Life Kitchen
  • City of Good

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The NENA Aid Program

The North End Neighborhood Association is playing a significant role in mitigating the local effects of the current crisis. Though NENA is ...
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