Historic Preservation, Planning & Zoning, and Other Land Use Issues

Balancing the preservation of our historical best with persistent pressure for change, improvement, growth and development is complex personal and political challenge.

NENA wields no official power or policy control in these matters. NENA is an all-volunteer collaboration of engaged citizens, passionate about Boise and the North End. By virtue of a long history of monitoring and participating in official public forums, NENA has developed deep experience and good working relationships with many local organizations and government agencies.  

As an organization, NENA strives to make positive contributions to city and county decision-making processes, on behalf of its members and neighbors.  NENA is especially interested in questions of historic preservation, planning and zoning, and other land use issues that impact neighborhood character and quality of life, in the North End specifically and Boise City generally.  

Here are some of the places NENA has been active recently: