Historic North End Groceries

In the days before everyone had cars and refrigeration, grocery shopping was just around a lot of North End corners. Here’s an article and podcast from Boise State Public Radio: Tour Of Former Groceries In Boise’s North End Gives Glimpse Into Bygone Era

In 2016, NENA commissioned two local historians Barbara Perry Bauer and Elizabeth Jacox, TAG Historical Research and Consulting, to explore the history of Boise’s North End historic grocery stores from 1900 to 1980. Bauer and Jacox created a pocket guide, Just Around the Corner: Historic North End Neighborhood Groceries, that sheds light on the role of local grocers, the history of North End neighborhood markets and the evolution of some of those historic buildings today. The guide is available through TAG at 208-338-1014 or bpbauer@taghistory.com.

See also Edible Idaho, Ghosts of Neighborhoods Past: A Look Back to Boise’s North End Groceries.