City of Trees Challenge Announced


The City of Boise and Treasure Valley Canopy Network are taking additional steps this fall to increase Boise’s tree canopy and encourage residents to take action to improve our environment and combat the negative impacts of climate change. For a limited time, residents can sign up to receive a free tree to plant at their home or private business within city limits. This tree giveaway is being coordinated with the Boise Farmers Market during the month of October. In all, 500 trees spanning 15 different species will be available for pick up and planting in Boise throughout the month of October (limit one tree per household).

This planting opportunity is part of the larger City of Trees Challenge, with the goal of planting 100,000 trees in Boise over the next decade. Fall is the ideal time to add a tree to your front or back yard because cooler temperatures allow the tree to establish roots before spring rain and summer heat stimulates new growth.

“Planting a tree is a lifelong commitment, but watching it grow is gratifying and the long-term benefits are remarkable for homeowners and our city as a whole,” said Boise City Council President Elaine Clegg. “These trees will provide shade and comfort and support clean air and energy conservation for generations to come.”

SNOW Block Mural Unveiling Wednesday 8/5, 6-9pm

The SNOW Block Alley, named because of its location Slightly North of Washington school is unveiling its new mural by North End resident, and full time professional artist, Katherine Shaughnessy. 2020 marks the 5th anniversary for the alley between Lemp and Heron and 15th and 16th that transformed weeds, junk and a dusty road into a vertical, edible garden now lined with trellises, raised beds, and rain barrels; espaliered fruit trees, berries, and tomatoes. With people spending more time at home, the alley has been a welcome extension of backyards and offers the grounding feeling of community.

Sketch of the planned SNOW Block mural

“A mural was always part of the vision from the start for the alley-facing side of one of the garages. This structure sits right on the property line so these neighbors weren’t able to participate in the gardening aspect of the project,” says Linda Whittig, co-creator of the project with her husband, Devin Koski. “We are lucky to get Shaughnessy. As a muralist, she’s seen a dramatic decrease in commissioned pieces due to COVID which made her more accessible than she normally would have been for such a project.”

The balsamroot in the Boise foothills serves as inspiration for Shaughnessy’s design. “I think of my murals as wall paintings or drawings and the SNOW Block Alley mural is no different. I painted it with lots of detail and hope that seeing this bright yellow wildflower in a super large format helps the viewer to memorize its distinct characteristics so they can easily recognize it in the wild. And maybe even remember its name, Arrowleaf Balsam Root or Balsamorhiza sagittata,” says Shaughnessy.

The project is partially funded by a FINE grant from the North End Neighborhood Association (NENA). The community is also doing fundraising through Venmo (@Snow-block) to help offer financial support to the artist.

More about the project can be found at the SNOW Block’s webpage or on the SNOW Block’s Facebook page.

Unveiling is Wednesday 8/5, 6-8pm. COVID precautions: Please enter from the north end of the alley and exit through south end. Visitors are encouraged to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing standards.

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Please Sign this Petition for the North End Native Plant Preserve

Hi Neighbors,

Please Sign Our Petition (in Google Sheet)

We are requesting that the City of Boise acquire the undeveloped N 6th St. Right of Way (ROW) from Brumback/Boise Hills Dr. to Alturas (long strip indicated on photo).

This ROW was ceded by the City of Boise in 1971 to Ada County Highway District (ACHD). The requested ROW is adjacent to the North End Native Plant Preserve (blue square indicated on the photo) which is owned by the City of Boise.

Acquisition of this ROW through ACHD’s amicable vacation process would allow the City of Boise to provide permanent, public pedestrian access along this corridor. It would preserve the site of the bench (currently marked by prayer flags) for permanent public use and would significantly increase the size of the North End Native Plant Preserve.

We urge you to show your support of this effort by signing our Petition (in a Google Sheet)

Thanks! Anne and Alan Hausrath

P.S.:  Feel free to include children under 18 as “kid 1”, “kid 2”, etc.


We the undersigned support the efforts of the City of Boise to acquire the undeveloped 6th st Right of Way between Alturas and Brumback/Boise Hills Drive for the purpose of securing pedestrian access to the North End Native Plant  Preserve.  The Reserve was donated by Alan and Anne Hausrath in 2015 and is owned and maintained by the City of Boise as a demonstration native plant garden.  Vacation of this Right of Way by ACHD will allow Boise City to work in partnership with the community to allow for improved access to the reserve. It also will assure permanent, public preservation of and access to this strip of land for current and future generations.

View and Sign our Petition (in a Google Sheet)