SNOW Block Mural Unveiling Wednesday 8/5, 6-9pm

The SNOW Block Alley, named because of its location Slightly North of Washington school is unveiling its new mural by North End resident, and full time professional artist, Katherine Shaughnessy. 2020 marks the 5th anniversary for the alley between Lemp and Heron and 15th and 16th that transformed weeds, junk and a dusty road into a vertical, edible garden now lined with trellises, raised beds, and rain barrels; espaliered fruit trees, berries, and tomatoes. With people spending more time at home, the alley has been a welcome extension of backyards and offers the grounding feeling of community.

Sketch of the planned SNOW Block mural

“A mural was always part of the vision from the start for the alley-facing side of one of the garages. This structure sits right on the property line so these neighbors weren’t able to participate in the gardening aspect of the project,” says Linda Whittig, co-creator of the project with her husband, Devin Koski. “We are lucky to get Shaughnessy. As a muralist, she’s seen a dramatic decrease in commissioned pieces due to COVID which made her more accessible than she normally would have been for such a project.”

The balsamroot in the Boise foothills serves as inspiration for Shaughnessy’s design. “I think of my murals as wall paintings or drawings and the SNOW Block Alley mural is no different. I painted it with lots of detail and hope that seeing this bright yellow wildflower in a super large format helps the viewer to memorize its distinct characteristics so they can easily recognize it in the wild. And maybe even remember its name, Arrowleaf Balsam Root or Balsamorhiza sagittata,” says Shaughnessy.

The project is partially funded by a FINE grant from the North End Neighborhood Association (NENA). The community is also doing fundraising through Venmo (@Snow-block) to help offer financial support to the artist.

More about the project can be found at the SNOW Block’s webpage or on the SNOW Block’s Facebook page.

Unveiling is Wednesday 8/5, 6-8pm. COVID precautions: Please enter from the north end of the alley and exit through south end. Visitors are encouraged to wear a mask and adhere to social distancing standards.

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Neighborhood grants


Did you know that the mission of Hyde Park Street Fair is to support improvements in our neighborhood?

The neighborhood association distributes our profits directly to the neighborhood through FINE Grants. FINE stands for Funds to Improve the North End.

NENA provides annual $1,000 grants to each of the public schools in our boundaries.

We also offer $500 grants to any neighbor or organization who has a great idea and needs a little money to get it going. Do you have a project to enhance the North End? If so, a FINE Grant might be for you! Check out how to apply by clicking “FINE Grants” on the menu above, or go to:

NEW… The NENA Board will now review grant applications just four times per year, at our meetings on the last Tuesdays of July, October, January, and April. Our next review will be in July, so be sure to get your applications to us by July 24, 2017!

North Junior High Viking Trek

Congrats to North Junior High for being a recipient for NENA’s FINE Grant for its 2nd annual Viking Trek, a 3.6K fun run on Wednesday, Oct. 1st.  This event involved several students and staff members as participants and volunteers.  Funds raised from the Viking Trek are used to fund supplies and projects for North Junior High Students.

North End News, Spring 2011 now available!

North End News – Spring 2011

Welcome to the spring edition of North End News! We have some great stories to share, including:

A piece (with photos) on the new neighborhood garden at 10th and Brumback,
Reflections from Jem Wierenga, the new owner of Hyde Park Books,
A note from the City regarding new historic and sustainable guidelines.. and more!

If you live in the North End, your paper copy of the North End News should be on your doorstep shortly. If you’re not in the North End but would like a paper copy, they are available at The Boise Co-Op, Hyde Park Books, and various other North End businesses.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Sheri Edmond, who has done a great service in her role as editor of the North End News. Thank you for all of your work, Sheri!

If you have any ideas for stories, please email our new newsletter coordinator, Sarah Weppner at

North End News – Spring 2011

Foothills School

We are students from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences and are excited to do our projects to help out organizations in the North End. We received a $500 grant from the North End Neighborhood Association to put toward our Middle School Service Learning program, to use in the Spring of 2010. We have chosen three projects:

1. Help a Shelter We are working to help the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. We have researched their organization and needs, and are going to either “adopt a room” or donate needed goods to the WCA thrift shop.

2. Spruce up the Fort Boise Dog Park We have a lot of dog lovers in this group! We are collecting dog toys, leashes and are looking at donating some shade structures for pets and owners to enjoy.

3. Book Drive and Literacy Project for Kids We are donating time and books to a north end child development center (to be determined). We will buy books for their program. Each of our students will select and buy a book to donate, and we will visit the center and buddy read in April.

Our school’s mission is “Foothills School provides a vibrant learning community to students (pre-k thru 9th grade) develop personal, academic, and social responsibility – leading to a lifetime of discovery.” We feel like this will give us the chance to follow our school’s mission and help our community. Without the grant from the NENA we wouldn’t have the money to do these great projects. Thank you!

Foothills School 6th-8th graders
Special recognition to Blaise Prokop, Leah Eichhorn and Ellia Casey for contributing to the article.

For more information on these projects or Foothills School please contact the school or 331-9260.