The Annual NENA Board Election Continues

Following October’s Annual Meeting and board elections, a number of formal inquiries have been presented to the NENA board, by NENA members, regarding the election process and legitimacy of the results – including a petition from 180+ members which was presented at the November meeting.

The issues raised by these inquiries are being investigated. Election results have not been certified and a new board has not yet been formally established. The current board must ratify (or not) the results of the election and the current board remains in place until a new board is selected and ratified.

This was unanimously approved (before the election) as part of the new formalized election standard. Ratification must now also include consideration of the issues raised by NENA membership about the legitimacy of the election process.

Please join us – Sunday, December 13th, (check back for start time) – for a Special Meeting to address the election, the petition and the way forward. The Zoom link will be posted here on the day of the meeting.

If you missed the November meeting, you can catch up here:
Meeting Agenda | Zoom Video | Zoom Audio Only