July/August Preservation and Progress Recap

We had 20+ members present, on Zoom, in July and 30+ members in August to discuss many different preservation and progress issues:

The Booth Home property has changed hands.  Redevelopment efforts had stalled and upkeep was flagging.  NENA has been following the situation and hearing good things from the new owners.  Upkeep and progress are restarting, the plans previously negotiated with NENA and neighbors remain in place.  NENA will continue to follow.

TRICA (children’s art program) requested and received a Conditional Use Permit (CUP) to allow a specific number of church and other larger gatherings annually.  They are seeking to complete construction and occupy the old church they’ve been rebuilding for many years, raising roughly $7 million, at 14th and Eastman.  A group of neighbors have opposed, bringing concerns about noise and parking, in an appeal of the initial CUP approval.  Initially supportive, NENA has shifted to neutral on the question after some long conversations with TRICA and neighbors. 

Franklin House B&B has been operating a backyard beer garden without proper permits.  Customers approve.  A number of their neighbors oppose.  Planning and Zoning will decide.  NENA has expressed support for existing zoning codes.  A special meeting is scheduled with Franklin House owners and neighbors, in advance of the P&Z hearing.

Several instances of “illegal demolition” of contributing historical homes have been noticed.  NENA is following these situations closely, advocating strongly and engage legal support for meaningful enforcement of existing rules for historic preservation of contributing structures.

Public hearings continue on a proposed tower just outside of NENA’s borders.  NENA and other neighboring groups are suggesting the new building would significantly, permanently and negatively impact the character of the surrounding area, and perhaps other neighborhoods in Boise.  The proposed tower could be the third tallest in state.  

A property for sale in the northwest corner of the North End has been home to a business that has stretched the limits of their zoning.  Neighbors are seeking a new use that would better suit the residential character of their block.  NENA has been advising and supporting those neighbors.

There has been no new communication, for many months now, with the Cathedral of the Rockies about the future of Block 75, the community garden space across the street from the Church.  This is at least in part due to COVID.  Some neighbors have come forward and will join with some NENA board members to restart a working sub-committee to see what can be done to restart the Block 75 conversation.

By Michael Herman.  This recap of recent NENA work is intended for general informational purposes only.  It does not establish or officially represent any board position, on any of these matters.  Please report any errors to webmaster@northendboise.org.  Thanks!