Be a GFF: Green-Friendly Fairgoer

How to Be a GFF (Green-Friendly Fairgoer)

This year, we’re working harder than ever to reduce the Hyde Park Street Fair’s footprint. Here are some easy ways you can help! 

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Pack It In

Remember to plan ahead and bring your own:

  • Reusable shopping bags. Some Street Fair merchants have discontinued single-use shopping bags to reduce their waste output.
  • Refillable water bottles. Bypass lines at the drinking fountain – fill enough water bottles at home to hydrate your crew. Or, purchase Proud Source® spring water – canned in readily recyclable aluminum – at the Food Court.
  • Travel sporks. Sorry, plastic utensils cannot be recycled at the event … this year. Instead, bring enough reusable silverware for several servings of tasty Street Fair fare. (Don’t forget a bag to tote items home to wash.) While you’re at it – add some washable cloth napkins to your dining-out kit.

Pack it Outin the right bin

Look for yellow recycling bins throughout the park. Paper and cardboard, aluminum cans, and non-crinkly #1 and #2 plastics (shaped like a bottle or jug) can be collected from the event to recycle. Please, no trash or food waste in the recycling bins – or we might have to toss it all. Recycling Ambassadors will be on hand to guide you. Please help make their job easy – they’re volunteers!

Residential EnergyBag™ items (plastic films and wrappers; foam cups and plates; disposable silverware) can’t be recycled at the Street Fair … yet. We won’t think it’s weird if you take your used items home to rinse and orange bag them! You brought an extra tote bag, right?

Limit “Future Trash”

It’s OK to politely pass on free give-aways, especially if they’ll wind up in the waste stream before you can say “three fun-filled days.” Need contact info? Snap a photo of that brochure or refrigerator magnet (with permission), and leave the trinkets on the table.

Remember to take only what you need, even if it can be recycled. There’s an ecological cost behind the making of every item you see.

Be a Voice for Green

Share your ideas for greening future Street Fairs,* or recognize the most sustainable vendors, at the Zero Waste Boise Institute table. Can’t wait to share? Email

Thanks for being a GFF! See you September 14 – 16.

*Ready for even more advances? So are we! We’re already working toward additional measures for 2019, including updates that weren’t yet possible this year. (Following the discontinuation of local recycling for #1 plastic cups, our Beer Garden searched for suitable alternatives to serve its brews. Regrettably, more sustainable products feasible for use in Boise were not yet to be found. Please stay tuned for 2019!)