NENA statement on Block 75

For more than 40 years the North End Neighborhood Association (NENA) Board has worked to represent the thoughts and concerns of the neighborhood. As with any neighborhood, there are differing opinions that must be considered. NENA has worked to make sure all voices are heard and equitable outcome are found.


Recently, Boise has seen a boom in growth, resulting in increased participation by the NENA Board in matters that have a direct impact on the neighborhood. The board has prided itself on listening to a variety of voices and supporting the neighborhood, while also providing a platform for concerned citizens to express their thoughts and feelings on matters.
Housing is an issue that many members of the neighborhood are passionate about. Whether it is finding more options for affordable housing, increased density, or historic preservation, the NENA board has listened to the community and worked with the City, developers, and the neighborhood to provide transparent processes that engage the neighborhood.
Currently, Cathedral of the Rockies is exploring options for a parcel of land known as Block 75. The NENA Board has been listening to both the neighborhood and the church regarding this parcel. As with other projects, NENA will continue to gather information from all parties and work toward an equitable outcome. The board will work with all parties to ensure that everyone — those who live near the parcel, those involved with the Downtown Teaching Farm, those at the church –are represented, and their concerns and desires are known.
However, it has recently been brought to the attention of the NENA Board that comments have been made that infer the position of the NENA Board. We issue this statement to clarify that NENA is not intending to litigate anything associated with Block 75. In fact, it is quite the opposite: We wish to engage in an open, honest, and transparent dialogue with Cathedral of the Rockies to ensure what happens at Block 75 will be of benefit to the North End Neighborhood.