March 28 Board meeting

Join us for another full meeting of the North End Neighborhood Association!

2017 March Agenda NENA

ACHD Commissioner Paul Woods will answer questions about traffic safety and speed throughout the North End. Additional topics include:

-Update about status of The Grapevine club
-A neighbor’s petition to preserve Lowell Pool
-Applications for grants from North Junior High, 16th Street Neighborhood Watch, and Boise At Home
-NENA’s position on Dry Creek Ranch
-Hyde Park Street Fair planning update
-NENA’s 40th Anniversary party (April 8 – please come!)

And plenty more…

Everyone is welcome to attend, watch the meeting, and be involved in the discussion if you like.

7 p.m. Tuesday, March 28
1520 N. 12th St. — Hyde Park Mennonite Fellowship building
Email us with questions: