Solicitor Activity – Safety tips from the Boise Police Department

Perhaps due to the warm weather and daylight lasting well into the evening, there has been a notable increase in door-to-door solicitors in Boise neighborhoods. All legitimate solicitors need to have a Boise City Issued Solicitors License that has their individual picture on it and they must adhere to the laws regarding solicitation restrictions. Note, solicitors are allowed to engage in their licensed business only between nine (9) a.m. and one hour after sunset unless located in a commercially zoned area.

Please heed these crime prevention tips to help protect you, your family, and your property:

-Do not allow or invite solicitors into your home. They can conduct business on your doorstep and they do not need to assess your belongings.
-Ask to see a City issued license to sell – it must be on their person and in plain view. They must be honest about who they are and what they are trying to sell.
-Ask for written information about the company. Let them know that you will be doing research on that company before purchasing any of their products.
-Be cautious about giving out any personal or financial information without being certain of the product and the seller’s intentions.
-Report aggressive or suspicious solicitors to law enforcement immediately by calling Police Dispatch at 911 (aggressive or threatening) or Dispatch Non-Emergency at 377-6790 (suspicious). Provide a description of the solicitor and what direction they were headed.

Alert other neighbors in the immediate area. If you have a Neighborhood Watch, immediately contact your NW Chairperson who can notify the other residents of this activity.

Sample Solicitor’s License
Attached is a copy of the Boise City License to Sell (Solicitor’s License) so you know what it looks like when a solicitor comes to your door.

Boise City Code on Solicitation
To read Boise City Code on solicitors, click on the link: Sample Solicitor License