Foothills School

We are students from Foothills School of Arts and Sciences and are excited to do our projects to help out organizations in the North End. We received a $500 grant from the North End Neighborhood Association to put toward our Middle School Service Learning program, to use in the Spring of 2010. We have chosen three projects:

1. Help a Shelter We are working to help the Women’s and Children’s Alliance. We have researched their organization and needs, and are going to either “adopt a room” or donate needed goods to the WCA thrift shop.

2. Spruce up the Fort Boise Dog Park We have a lot of dog lovers in this group! We are collecting dog toys, leashes and are looking at donating some shade structures for pets and owners to enjoy.

3. Book Drive and Literacy Project for Kids We are donating time and books to a north end child development center (to be determined). We will buy books for their program. Each of our students will select and buy a book to donate, and we will visit the center and buddy read in April.

Our school’s mission is “Foothills School provides a vibrant learning community to students (pre-k thru 9th grade) develop personal, academic, and social responsibility – leading to a lifetime of discovery.” We feel like this will give us the chance to follow our school’s mission and help our community. Without the grant from the NENA we wouldn’t have the money to do these great projects. Thank you!

Foothills School 6th-8th graders
Special recognition to Blaise Prokop, Leah Eichhorn and Ellia Casey for contributing to the article.

For more information on these projects or Foothills School please contact the school or 331-9260.