NENA Board Election – Now Certified and Still Challenged

Following October’s Annual Meeting and board elections, a number of formal inquiries have been presented to the NENA board, by NENA members, regarding the election process and legitimacy of the results – including a petition signed/submitted by 180+ members (update: now 258 members) which was presented at the November meeting. October Zoom Video | November Zoom Video

The issues raised by these inquiries are being investigated. Election results have not been certified and a new board has not yet been formally established. The current board must ratify (or not) the results of the election and the current board remains in place until a new board is selected and ratified.

This process was unanimously approved before the election because the bylaws are silent on how to conduct the election. Ratification must now also include consideration of the issues raised by NENA membership about the legitimacy of the election process.

UPDATE to what was announced at the November meeting: Tom Banducci (Boise attorney and mediator) has volunteered to facilitate a discussion between board election candidates and other interested parties (including association members supportive of the recent petition), with the aim of exploring possible solutions. To that end, Mr. Banducci plans to meet with stakeholders and other interested parties, in advance of the December 13th meeting, in a non-binding confidential mediation process.

UPDATE: Days before the scheduled special meeting, threats of legal action have necessitated the withdrawal of our volunteer mediator and scuttled, at least for now, the chance for a mediated solution. The board is still working to restart the mediation process, which would now require finding a new mediator. We may or may not have a meeting agenda posted in advance of this meeting.

UPDATE: The petitioners have been heard, the election results certified, but a new petition from members has been presented. At the special meeting on December 13th (interrupted by Zoom capacity issue that limited attendance) and then its continuation on January 10th, the original petitioning group brought concerns and questions for sitting board members and recent board candidates. Board members and one candidate addressed all questions put to them. The election results from October were certified as required by Idaho state law, with protests noted. Three board members announced their resignations during the session. December Zoom Video | January Zoom Video

A new petition from members was announced at the end of the meeting. The special meeting to address the issues raised in that petition will be coupled with the next regular monthly meeting, on the evening of Tuesday, January 26th. Here is the full text of that petition:

Demand for Special Membership Meeting of the North End Neighborhood Association

In the event that the North End Neighborhood (NENA) board certifies the October 27, 2020, board election, we, the undersigned, as member of the NENA, pursuant to Idaho Nonprofit code 30-30-608*, are demanding a NENA special member meeting for the purpose of removing the following board members: Tory Spengler, Sarah Foregger, Carlos Coto, Daniel Foregger, and Sitka Koloski.

*30-30-608. Removal of directors by members or directors. (1) The members may remove one (1) or more directors elected by them without cause.

Please join us – Tuesday, January 26th, at 7-9pm – for the regular monthly board meeting and the special meeting called for in the new petition.

Join Zoom Meeting

(Link and other info will be posted 15 mins before the meeting start time.)

Meeting ID: TBA
One tap mobile numbers: TBA

Original petition signed/submitted by 180+ members (update: now 258 members)

If you missed any of these meetings, you can catch up here:
October Zoom Video | November Zoom Video | December Zoom Video | January Zoom Video

The NENA Aid Program: Get or Give COVID-Crisis Support

Christmas Appeal Raises $5,370, to be doubled by NENA matching

North End neighbors donated a total of $5,370 to support COVID-crisis community needs in NENA's first-ever Christmas Appeal.

NENA will match every dollar contributed to the NENA Aid Program during the Christmas Appeal, by individuals and businesses, up to $10,000. Your $50, for instance, becomes $100 of community support. On January 8th, NENA will distribute equal shares to the following organizations doing essential community support work:

  • Interfaith Sanctuary
  • Faces of Hope
  • City Light
  • Life Kitchen
  • City of Good

Donate Now

The NENA Aid Program

The North End Neighborhood Association is playing a significant role in mitigating the local effects of the current crisis. Though NENA is ...
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Join Us in Celebrating 100 Years of Elm Grove Park!

Elm Grove Park celebrates its 100th anniversary as a Boise City Park this year. Whether you grew up playing in the park 70 years ago or you practiced Tai Chi there yesterday, we want to hear how Elm Grove Park has been a part of your North End experience. Send us your stories...

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Elm Grove Park: Winning Stories

Elm Grove Park: Winning Stories
To celebrate our first 100 years in Elm Grove Park, we invited your stories. We chose three authors to receive a print (bottom of page) from neighborhood artist Wendy Blickenstaff.
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Progress at Booth Home Site

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Research the History of Your Home

If you’ve been curious about the history of your old North End home, there are a lot of resources in Boise and on the internet to track down some details. The most important facts to know are the date your home was built and the name of the original owner. With that information in hand, you’ll be able to discover the story of your house and the people who have called it home. –The North End News, Autumn 2020

Here are your first steps:

Idaho Statesman
The daily newspaper often reported on the construction of a dwelling. Structures were usually mentioned by their names, owners, architects, or developers, but not by address ...
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